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Castle is an interactive podcast player for people who want to go beyond listening. Transcribe, save, share, and search podcast content, all from one simple platform. Castle’s goal is to bring the next level of collaboration and learning to the podcast world.

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What is Castle?

Castle is a unique podcast platform that allows you to do so much more than listen. Our goal is to make all podcast content accessible to everyone.


Castle has all the features you need from a podcast player. A large directory of over 4 million shows, customizable playlists, offline playback, and more.


Transcribe a podcast on-device in real-time and follow along while an episode plays back.


A major goal behind Castle is to make podcast listening accessible to all. The information in podcasts will be readily available to anyone in any environment.

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Generate Transcripts

Castle's intelligent transcription capabilities make it easy to find, follow, and read along with the podcast. Use Castle to share key quotes and save time by skipping to applicable segments. Be part of a growing community responsible for generating the largest available and searchable database of podcast transcripts.

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Don't know what to listen to? Browse today's trending podcasts.

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Play back podcasts on your phone, navigate with chapters, and follow along with the transcript.

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Create playlists, subscribe to favorites, and check out podcast details.